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The feeling of a job well done.

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Beckers is one of Scandinavia’s leading paint brands. When the long winter is coming to its end, it’s time to get people inspired for the upcoming outdoor season and give their homes a makeover that protects it from nature’s elements.

By building on Beckers’ concept of Life. In Color, we explored the assurance of having chosen the right products for your home. With two everyday situations, we displayed the feeling of knowing that your facade, terrace and outdoor furniture are protected by some of the best products on the market—and that you can make the most out the small moments and live your life. In color.

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My role:
Conceptual work and copywriting all the way throughout the project.
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The existing concept of Life. In color is all about communicating authentic yet premium life moments. For this campaign, we focus on protection, quality, inspiration, and a Scandinavian look-and-feel. Since Beckers’ markets need to focus on different products, we created a platform adaptable to each market without losing the Beckers tonality.

With the feeling of job well done (Känslan av ett väl utfört arbete), you can live your life. In color.

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