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Fabian Starck Coca Cola Mini Kiosk
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It's the little things in life that make us happy.

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The new Coca-Cola mini can was to be introduced to the German market. For this special little can, we needed an equally special campaign. A campaign that lives up to the brand claim: Open happiness.

Solution: the Coca-Cola Mini Kiosk. Combined with a small Coke vending machine, it appeared spontaneously around different cities. The mini kiosk sold a series of miniature products, but first and foremost the 0.15L mini can of Coke.

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Coca Cola Germany
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Ogilvy & Mather Berlin
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My role:
Idea and concept
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Five major German cities experienced the mini kiosk. In average each mini kiosk sold around 380 mini cans per day. That’s a 278% sales improvement in comparison to normal Coca-Cola vending machines.

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  • Cannes Lions – 1 Silver Lion & 3 Merit Awards 2014.
  • Clio Awards – 1 Bronze in Direct & Engagement 2014.
  • AME Awards – 2 Gold and 3 Silver Medallions 2015.
  • Eurobest – 2 Bronze 2014.
  • + several various Merit Awards.
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