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What would you do if your home suddenly lost all its heat? The average heat pump has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, so every year, more than 50.000 heat pumps need to be replaced in Sweden. 

In order to connect with the homeowners and make NIBE the go-to brand within the heat pump segment, we created a web series that demonstrates the process of replacing your old climate system with a new solution. Together with the ski legend Ingemar Stenmark and author Malin Wollin, the viewer gets to tag along on the journey towards a perfect indoor climate.

My role included conceptual work and copywriting all the way through the project—storyline, website copy, marketing in the forms of banners, radio ads, print etc

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Seventy Agency
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My role:
Idea and concept
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Watch the show!

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Thinking about getting a new heat pump and want to watch the series? 

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